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NFT Mint

First-ever utilities on demand platform built on solana.

Access the utilities of illiquid assets.

Fast, secure, and cost-effective NFT renting platform on Solana that enables growth for both lenders and borrowers.

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Features of Rentii


Renting Utility NFTs

Many outstanding builders are developing amazing tools such as snipe bots, WL management tools, trading data signals, etc. In the future, more people can use Rentii to access these amazing tools at an affordable price by renting from the NFT holders.

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In-house NFT Collection with exclusive benefits

Rentii will also use the DAO wallet to purchase the high-quality utility NFTs for rent and become the DAO that owns a significant amount of utility NFTs. A user-generated content of reviews of the tools will also be established in Rentii.

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Rent, List, Review, Earn.

  • 4 characters
  • 4 special class of tools
  • Form a team with each of the characters to unlock special features in the future

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Why Hodl NFT Membership NFT?

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Share profits with Rentii revenues (5%)

10% of our revenue goes towards buildig an in-house premium collection of NFTs for our holders to disperse at a discounted price.

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Lower transaction fees

From subscriptions to gym classes to luxury cars, WooCommerce is fully customizable.

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Access to exclusive DAO owned NFTs

Built for the community, All the profits we make through transactions fees are distributed to NFT holders.


Project Start

Create art and branding

Develop Community

Gather all the renting rebels who want to join the Rentii revolution

Launch Landing Page & Beta Platform

Full Website Launch

Distribute Profit Share

For NFT creators and Rentii holders

Upgrade Website and Platform

Builders are working day-night to bring Rentii

Who knows you can get an airdrop 😇



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